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Case Studies & Articles

The following case studies show YRV Dynamics services generating results and converting into sales as well as satisfied customers!

Case Studies

YRV Dynamics has been experimenting with various levels of Google placements vs. conversion success— both with and without PMAX... Read more

Ever heard of MER? It's okay; most marketers don’t know what MER is. MER stands for Media Efficiency Ratio. It's similar to ROAS... Read more

YRV Dynamics accepted an assignment as the paid search and social media agency of record for a self-help platform start-up.... Read more

We’ve refined the skill of crafting effective sales funnels. In our previous article, Smart Funnels Revealed within Google... Read more


Yousaf Yunes, CEO and Founder at YRV Dynamics has developed the following background and answers to help navigate the ups and downs of the latest iOS updates... Read more

Google Shopping's first iteration was called Froogle, a pun on the word “frugal.” Froogle was founded in 2002 by Craig Nevill-Manning. Froogle was a way for consumers to... Read more

Both tests are great choices for buyers, but they don’t test general buying knowledge. The Blueprint exam validates your understanding of Meta’s planning and buying best practices... Read more

I’ve always held my team and myself to the highest standard regarding platform certifications in the paid search and social space. Most PPC buyers consider the qualifications... Read more

We all know the feeling. You’re not winning the jobs you’re applying to. You’ve sent hundreds of proposals and spent hundreds of dollars on Connects, and you’re not winning ... Read more

Sub2Empire charged YRV Dynamics with scaling enrollment for their creative financing courses and lending business. This included creative, media, and email marketing responsibilities... Read more

The Metaverse is a “hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a single, universal, and immersive virtual world that is facilitated by the use of virtual reality and augmented reality headsets... Read more

Here are four e-commerce trends expected to gain additional traction in 2024. I also included ways to use them to your advantage to spur sales...Read more